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Paducah E-1 Visa Lawyer

paducah e1 visa lawyer

If you are from a foreign country with a treaty with the United States, engaging them in trade or other beneficial business matters is a lot easier, especially when you secure a visa. Getting help from a Paducah E1 Visa lawyer is the key to making it happen.

With several years of experience, the Citizen & Immigration Law Firm has a team of reliable Kentucky attorneys capable of handling any case. To ensure a trusted E1 Visa lawyer works with you, give them a call today!

Why Do I Need an E-1 Visa Attorney in Kentucky?

Applying for an E-1 Visa requires filling out several forms, submitting an assortment of documents, and going through an interview in a United States embassy or consulate. With an E1 Visa attorney assisting you at every step, you have someone on your side who is knowledgeable at navigating through this complicated process. They should be:

  • Dedicated to providing a wide variety of immigration legal services.
  • Experienced and committed to helping any client end any immigration problem.
  • Exceptional at providing client-specific legal services catering to the uniqueness of every situation.
  • Willing to go the extra mile to give you the outcome you deserve.

Once you are ready to start your immigration journey with us at Citizenship & Immigration Law Firm, contact us immediately! 

What is an E-1 Visa?

paducah e1 visa lawyer Under the E-Visa category, traders and investors can come and do business within the country if they come from one of several countries with a treaty with the United States. Specialty occupation workers from Australia also fall under this category.

Obtaining an E1 Visa is necessary when a national of a treaty country aims to enter the United States to engage in international trade. This also applies to an individual who works for an enterprise that engages in substantial trade with the United States.

If you are a treaty trader who wants to come to the United States or a person who works for one, securing an E1 Visa can benefit you greatly since that can be renewed indefinitely. The number of E1 Visas given each year also has no limit. Reach out to a Paducah E1 Visa attorney to have someone help you get the job done and to answer these questions:

Am I Qualified to Obtain an E-1 Visa?

To qualify as a treaty trader, you must:

  • Be a national of a country which the United States maintains a treaty with.
  • Conduct substantial trade and commerce that includes but is not limited to goods, technology, services, insurance, tourism, international banking, transportation, and media.
  • Conduct principal trade between the United States and their treaty country of origin on the items mentioned previously.

To qualify as an employee of a treaty trader, you must:

  • Be lawfully employed by a non-citizen enterprise doing principal or substantial trade with the United States.
  • Be the same nationality as your employer, who comes from a treaty country.
  • Either perform executive or supervisory duties or possess special qualifications that make your employment necessary for operations and international exchange to run properly.

Once you are determined eligible to be a treaty trader, you and your employees will initially be permitted to stay in the United States for two years. There will be a two-year limit between requests for an extension of stay and change of status. However, E1 Visa holders should maintain an intention to leave the United States upon the expiration or termination of their status.

In addition, you are automatically given two years of readmission upon returning to the United States after traveling overseas as long as a United States Customs and Border Patrol Officer determines you are admissible.

Speak to a Paducah E1 Visa attorney to see if you meet the eligibility requirements and check if securing an E1 Visa will serve you well.

What is the Process for Getting an E-1 Visa?

To file for an E1 Visa, you must do the following:

  1. Read the instructions and fill out Form I-129 (Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker).
  2. Pay the required fees.
  3. Present all supporting documents and necessary evidence to support your petition.

After receiving your Form I-129, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will process your application. You will then receive:

  • A notice acknowledging the receipt of your petition
  • A notice for biometric services
  • A notice to appear for an interview (if required)
  • A notice of their decision

Once your petition has been approved, you may apply for an E1 Visa at the United States Embassy or Consulate. Note that you may not apply for an E1 Visa if you are outside the United States. Ask a Paducah E1 Visa attorney about what you should do before submitting your petition.

Can I Bring My Family to the United States if I Have an E-1 Visa?

If you possess an E1 Visa, you are allowed to bring your spouse and unmarried children below 21 years old to the United States. Spouses (who can also apply for employment authorization) and children will be granted the same period of stay as the treaty trader or employee if they successfully obtain E1 Visas as dependents. The nationalities of your spouse and children do not need to be the same as yours. 

For more information on the benefits of securing an E1 Visa for treaty traders, employees, and family members, or to secure an employment authorization for your spouse, get in touch with a Paducah E1 Visa attorney today.

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