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Elizabethtown KY Immigration Law Firm

elizabethtown ky immigration law firm

It is crucial to consult with an experienced Elizabethtown KY immigration law firm before applying for immigration. As the process is inherently complicated, talking to an attorney is necessary to avoid overlooking anything. Immigration law pertains to the national government policies that authorize immigration to their country.  If you need assistance in Elizabethtown, our best immigration lawyers are here to offer effective immigration services. 

The Citizenship & Immigration Law Firm will make a big difference in your case. If you just researched immigration law and feel you don’t understand anything about the legal terms employed, don’t lose hope and give up. Our competent and reputable lawyers can help you. For us, no case is too difficult. Using our experience in resolving complex legal issues, we can assure your case will be handled with excellence. Solve your immigration problem now!


Why Do I Need a Kentucky Immigration Lawyer?

The role of an immigration lawyer in your case is not limited to educating you about the entire procedure. If you are inadmissible for many reasons or have spent time in the US unlawfully, committed a crime, or lied to the US government in the past, your immigration lawyer will execute the necessary means to resolve them for you. 

To get the best immigration attorney in your state, consider the following qualities:

  • Strongly Dedicated – You must distinguish between good and bad immigration lawyers. The former is committed to putting in long hours dealing with a challenging bureaucracy on your behalf without requiring you to pay high fees, while the latter deals with a high volume of business, preventing them from putting their time and attention into you. Choose the ones dedicated to helping clients.
  • Focused on Immigration – You don’t want to hire someone who does not specialize in immigration law. Like any other practice area, this one involves more diligence. Choose someone seasoned in practicing immigration law.
  • Provides Personalized Legal Service – Choose an immigration lawyer who provides the same level of service regardless of the situation. Such immigration lawyers can get their clients into serious conflicts by not paying attention to critical matters in their cases. Choose someone who attends to your legal needs and offers personalized legal assistance.

These are just some of the innate characteristics of Citizenship & Immigration Law Firm. Our team is devoted to helping individuals by giving our time and attention to ensure you get what you need. For many years, our law office has been focused on immigration law, allowing us to acquire every relevant skill necessary to help the community. By personalizing our assistance that suits your needs, you can assure that your case is in the hands of excellent lawyers. Contact us now for prudent legal services.


United States Permanent Residence

This is also known as a lawful permanent residence. Many people around the world have probably already heard of this. It is a widely known term for the Permanent Resident Card or green card. It is also a common misconception that work permits are better than green cards. 

Allowing you to work legally in the US is just one of the fundamental features of a green card. Recognizing the holder as a lawful permanent resident is its primary function.


Non-Immigrant or Temporary Visas

  • B1/B2 (Tourists or Business) – This is the visa required for foreign nationals intending to enter the United States as tourists or for business. Many foreign individuals prefer this visa type for temporarily entering the US to visit their friends and family members or to be present at business conferences or other important events. Employees of foreign corporations may also use this type of visa to pursue training at their US-based offices. Those who require medical treatment in the United States may also use this visa type.
  • E1/E2 (Treaty Traders and Treaty Investors) –  There are certain treaties that the United States government enters into with other countries that permit their nationals to secure visas to the US. This is to conduct a trade or manage their financial business investments.
  • H1B (Professional Workers) – This visa type is suitable for workers holding at least a four-year degree or extraordinary qualifying experience, whereby they must execute a theoretical body of knowledge in their career. These workers are required to maintain the H1B visa for a maximum of six years. In some situations, the visa can be extended indefinitely until an immigrant visa is available if the foreign national employer files an application for labor and processes a permanent residency.
  • L1A/L1B (Intra-company Transferees) – This visa is designed for businesses that have overseas workers with subsidiaries or affiliate companies that they intend to employ in the US temporarily. This visa can also be utilized by foreign companies that wish to set up a new branch in the United States.
  • O1/O2 – This visa type is suited for foreign nationals recognized as having substantial ability in education, sports, business, or the arts. This consumer can showcase sustained international and national recognition in their specific fields of expertise.
  • P1/P2 – This visa is suitable for foreign nationals actively participating in professional sporting events. Just like the O visas, these individuals must have demonstrated a high level of achievement in their sport.


Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Elizabethtown is a city in Kentucky that never fails to offer its well-known attractions, such as Lincoln Heritage House, Elizabethtown Peddlers Mall, Swope’s Cars of Yesteryear Museum, and many more. In addition to its notable tourist spot, Elizabethtown is also rich in history, as the city was once the site of a Civil War Battle in 1862. That is why a lasting cannonball was embedded in a wall downtown.  

Without a doubt, Elizabethtown is an excellent place, not only for temporary visits but also for permanent stays. Settling in the city is a life-changing decision, but none of these may be possible if you are dealing with complicated immigration issues. To live a peaceful life in Elizabethtown, contacting an experienced Kentucky immigration lawyer is a must.


Call our Elizabethtown KY Immigration Law Firm Now!

Immigration law is one of the most complicated practice areas. While it is true that there is no specific provision under the law that requires an individual to have an attorney, filing it by yourself might cause a lot of trouble. Chances are, you may be overlooking the crucial things to pay attention to. If you are still searching for the right lawyer to accommodate your legal needs, our best immigration lawyers are here to assist.

Citizenship & Immigration Law Firm is a law firm that specializes in immigration law. We are enthusiastic to go beyond everything to exhaust our efforts and help our clients attain their immigration goals. We do not just offer a general solution; we personalize our services to ensure it suits your circumstances. 

We can help you apply for a green card, petition your loved ones, reunite with your fiance or spouse, naturalization, adjustment of status, and many more. If you need assistance, schedule a consultation now!

Let our immigration attorneys help you!

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